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Gilbert Oswald "G.O" Smith

View Gilbert Oswald Smith Soccer CardsGilbert Oswald Smith known as G.O was a nineteenth century English amateur soccer player often referred to as “the first great centre forward”. He made 20 appearances for England scoring 11 goals between 1893 and 1901.

Smith represented Oxford University at soccer from his freshman year and captained the side in his final year. After leaving university Smith joined The Corinthians the finest amateur side in Britain who on their day could match any professional side in the country.

Smith’s prominence as a footballer ran parallel to the outset of tobacco cards and he features on some of the earliest and most beautiful issues often alongside his peers Billy Meredith and Steve Bloomer.

Ogden – Guinea Gold – Footballers  - Base M – 1897 ROOKIE CARD Ogden – Guinea Gold – Footballers  - Base M – 1897 - ROOKIE CARD
197 card set of victorian soccer and rugby players. Often dated as 1899 or 1900 however the inclusion of Jimmy Hannah, Donald Gow and James Gillespie for Sunderland (all left Sunderland in 1897) points to 1897 or earlier. Extremely rare.
Cohen Weenen – Heroes of Sport – 1897 Cohen Weenen – Heroes of Sport – 1897
100 card set featuring the the leading victorian sportsmen. Very fragile paper tobacco issue. Extremely rare.
Boys Own – Our Football Leaders – 1899 Boys Own – Our Football Leaders – 1899
24 paper issue set. Released with Boys Own comic book in 1899 featuring  victorian soccer and rugby stars.
 Cohen Weenen  Cricketers, Footballers  & Jockeys – 1900 Cohen Weenen - Cricketers, Footballers  & Jockeys – 1900
20 card set featuring sportsmen as per the title. Beautifully coloured set featuring Smith in his regular pose (10 cards feature the same photo). This card is similar in style and scarcity as Allen & Ginters N28 issue.


tab1  Ogden – Tabs – General Interest
Item 95 – 196 Card Set – 1900
Item 97 – 300 Card Set - 1902
C Series – 200 Card Set - 1902
F Series – 99 Card Set - 1902
All 4 series are officially dated as 1902. Item 95 item dated as 1900 due to Johm Goodall listed as a Derby County player.
fj smith FJ Smith – Footballers - 1901
120 card series often dated as 1905. The date of 1900/1901 is more likely due to the inclusion of players from New Brighton Tower (Dissolved in 1901) and Billy Basset at West Brom (Left in 1899) Charlie Athersmith with Aston Villa (left in 1901) Jasper McLuckie at Bury (left in 1901) John Proudfoot, Everton (left in 1901)
Wills - Football Series  - 1902 Wills - Football Series  - 1902
66 Card set featuring the leading football and rugby players of the time including Billy Meredith and Steve Bloomer.  Two varieties of back “Wild Woodbine” and “Cinderella”. Due to an printing there is also a pink/violet shaded variety.
Wills - Football Series
WM Clarke & Son – Football Series - 1902 WM Clarke & Son – Football Series - 1902
66 Card set  featuring the exact same subjects and design as the Wills series of the same name. This set is, however, significantly rarer. As well as the series and player name titles the rear of this version features a beautifully designed back and biography.
WM Clarke & Son – Football Series
J & F Bell – Footballers – 1902 J & F Bell – Footballers – 1902
Extremely rare 30 card set, difficult to find in any condition. Later issues can suffer from a much lighter print. This set also features Steve Bloomer.
Percy Cadle & Co – Footballers – 1904 Percy Cadle & Co – Footballers – 1904
30 Card set again featuring both footballers and rugby players



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