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Here at Rookie Soccer cards, we aim to not only sell original, rare soccer cards, but to provide you with information on these historic cards and amazing players through our articles and shop.

Not many of us can afford the $3 Million it would take to pick up the famous Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner or have a spare $100K it would take to add a PSA 10 Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer to our collection. Fortunately the world of soccer cards is full of rarer historical cards at a fraction of the price. Please peruse our articles and our shop to find out more about the worlds game and the beautiful rare and rookie items that are available to us mere mortals!

Featured Soccer Cards

  1. Quick view Messi, Lionel

    Messi, Lionel

    Out of stock

  2. Quick view Charlton, Bobby

    Charlton, Bobby

    Out of stock

  3. Quick view Baggio, Roberto

    Baggio, Roberto
  4. Quick view Baggio, Roberto

    Baggio, Roberto
  1. Quick view Matthaus, Lothar

    Matthaus, Lothar
  2. Quick view Maradona, Diego

    Maradona, Diego

    Out of stock

  3. Quick view Moore, Bobby

    Moore, Bobby

    Out of stock

  4. Quick view Beckham, David

    Beckham, David
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